Michal Pagis is an assistant professor at the department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar Ilan University in Israel. She received her Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Chicago, and was a post-doc fellow at the Martin Buber Society, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Michal’s interests include the sociology of self and emotions, social theory, culture and religion. Her research uses qualitative methods to shed light on the micro social dynamics that are at the base of identities, ideologies and subjective experience. Her different ethnographic projects uncover the role of social relations, interactions and practices in the constitution of post-industrial selves in a variety of arenas, from meditation centers to life coaching in organizations.  

Recent Publications:

“Evoking Equanimity: Silent Interaction Rituals in Vipassana Meditation Retreats.” Qualitative Sociology 2014

“Religious Self Constitution: A Relational Perspective.” In Religion on the Edge, 2012        

Embodied Self-Reflexivity” Social Psychology Quarterly 2009

“Producing Intersubjectivity in Silence” Ethnography 2010

“From Abstract Concepts to Experiential Knowledge” Qualitative Sociology 2010